M.M. Ebrahim Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/ Gulf News

It takes courage and a yen for change to make a difference, each of which our community reporters have in abundance.

Over the past month they have not only raised a host of issues, ranging from animal welfare, the need for safe transport and driving to unsightly garbage and pollution, but they have also brought about action and encouraged the community and the authorities to work together to solve the issues raised.

The newspaper recognises that it takes effort and a passion for one's community to identify and raise issues from everyday life and bring about change. Hence, we appreciate the attempts by our readers to help make the UAE a better place to live. Today we award the reporters for August who shared their experiences and encouraged others to come forward and bring their issues to the forefront.

The community reports published in August were judged by Senior Hub Editor Meher Murshed. The criteria for selection included content, issue, impact on community, responsibility and the quality of contribution.