Image Credit: Dana A. Shams ©Gulf News

I have observed that motorists start honking for the most trivial issues, not realising that they may be disturbing schools and hospitals in the vicinity.

Be it cars, buses or taxis — there is no exception. With no patience to spare, people hardly make an attempt to determine the reason why other vehicles are slowing down.

Often, commuters expect vehicles to move within a microsecond of the traffic light turning green. They fail to realise that everyone would like to reach their destination at the earliest.

Lack of understanding

Such incidents clearly depict the drivers' lack of understanding for others, and also their irresponsible nature.One must consider the situation before starting to honk. It is disturbing to hear long honks and beeps near schools and hospitals for no real reason. The authorities must take measures by designating ‘silent zones' at least 200 metres from such areas and they must impose hefty fines on defaulters.

I recently had the opportunity to hear an inconsiderate motorist press the horn for more than ten seconds continuously — it created a rather irritating atmosphere and irked other commuters.

I feel we need to take better steps to ensure that such incidents do not take place and at the same time, encourage motorists to learn to be more responsible and conscientious when using the horn.


— The reader is a student based in Dubai