Two children stand in the front passenger seat, their bodies half inside the car, on a busy road in Sharjah. Image Credit: Agniyah Shaikh/Gulf News Reader

This picture was taken one afternoon recently on my way back from work. The location is opposite the Immigration Road traffic signal in Sharjah.

These days, I usually ignore incidents such as people using mobile phones or having refreshments in fast-moving vehicles because the obstinate drivers who are also the culprits don't seem to care. But this incident somewhat shook me, for I am a parent first.

I had been noticing this particular vehicle for some time, as the motorist was initially behind my car. I could see two small children popping their heads out and waving at the moving vehicles.

I could get a clear picture only when the car stopped beside mine at the junction. As a matter of fact, both the children were not fastened in by a seatbelt and they were both almost standing on the front seat, next to the driver!

I tried to get the attention of the driver — possibly the children's father — to ask him to correct the situation.

Instead of being attentive, he waved his hands and gestured as if to say ‘what is your problem?' and sped away as soon as the traffic light turned green!

I know raising this issue will make no difference to those parents who insist on being careless. Perhaps only a fatal loss would make such people open their eyes to reality. Then, of course... it would be too late!


— The reader is a teacher, based in Sharjah

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