Graffiti on a wall in Bur Dubai. Image Credit: Aditi Gandhi


I came across an alley in my neighbourhood in Bur Dubai, which had its walls painted with graffiti (as seen in photograph). I was extremely disappointed to see how some residents had absolutely no concern for their surroundings. Most of the graffiti is done with permanent markers and paints, which makes it tough to erase.

This destroys the surface on which the graffiti is made and affects the reputation of the community by giving it a bad impression. Though it is ethically wrong, there are some people who scribble on buses, trains and even in public restrooms.

This shows lack of respect and consideration for public property. Graffiti can also be considered a health and environmental hazard as the spray paint used contains toxic chemicals.

Had it been the inside walls of our homes, would we have destroyed them? The answer is obvious. We would never even think of doing so. Then why indulge in this malpractice on public walls?

I urge everyone to pay attention to this issue. Residents must be educated that public property is not to be misused and signs should be put up to notify them. Parents need to keep a watchful eye on their children’s activities and keep them occupied with creative activities that would perhaps discourage them from such acts. The offenders should be warned or fined for the nuisance they cause.

— The reader is a pupil based in Dubai.

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In the UAE, people caught vandalising walls with graffiti will be slapped with a fine of Dh1,000. Repeat offenders receive will be fined Dh2,000.