Image Credit: Sharjah Municipality

On August 6, 2014, Gulf News published a Community Report about the bad state of a garbage bin placed on a pedestrian pathway in the Abu Shagara area, in Sharjah (“Garbage bin a health and safety hazard”, Gulf News, August 6). Gulf News reader Jayanth Ramganesh expressed his concern over how the bin was making it very difficult for pedestrians to use the pathway.

He wrote: “There are a few restaurants and eateries along this stretch of the road and so the street is always bustling with people. The foul smell arising from the garbage bin is extremely nauseating.”

After this report was published, the Sharjah Municipality took control of the situation immediately. The area was cleaned and the garbage bin removed on the same day.

A spokesperson from the municipality wrote in to Gulf News: “Sharjah City Municipality would like to thank you [Gulf News] for the great efforts you exert in serving the community and highlighting the public’s concerns. In reference to the community report published on August 6, titled “Garbage bin a health and safety hazard”, Sharjah Municipality can confirm that it has taken the issue seriously and its Environmental Services Section removed the bin immediately after seeing the report. Please find attached the pictures of the area before and after the report. The municipality urges the public to call its hotline 993 or use its smart and e-services to inform it about any complaints and suggestions.”


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