Is it too much to ask for food? Nothing expensive, just a regular supermarket brand would do.

Is it too much to ask for water? Tap water would be perfect; just something to quench my thirst in this heat.

Is it too much to ask for shelter? I’m not talking about a fluffy expensive bed, just a soft, clean rug.

Is it too much to ask for shade from the sun? Is it wrong to crave gentle human touch? A cuddle, a nap on the sofa, being taught how to play, to fetch, to swim, to socialise with humans and other canines?

Chelsea, a German Shepherd dog, was deprived and robbed of all of the above. She was kept in an outdoor cage with no food or water, no shade from the sun or any bedding. Locked away with her seven puppies without human interaction, no room to move and sleeping in their own faeces, Chelsea and her pups were screaming to be rescued.

August 3, 2016 was the day 38Smiles were alerted by a Good Samaritan about the horrible conditions a family of dogs was kept in. On August 5, Chelsea and her puppies left the cage and were admitted at the vet. All of them were malnourished, dehydrated and unsure of people. Luckily, they were negative for all diseases. Since then all of Chelsea’s puppies have found loving forever homes and have grown into amazing young dogs.

However, Chelsea’s case was slightly different as the owners were not willing to give her away. We knew she could never go back and after she was placed in a foster home the long battle of getting her surrendered began. It took some convincing but now she is no longer owned by her previous owner and is ready to be adopted into a real loving home.

Chelsea has come a long way from then until now; she has put the past behind her and has learned how to enjoy life to the fullest. She loves to take naps on the sofa, to cuddle with her foster humans and canine brother, she enjoys going for walks and has even learnt to swim.

She is two years old, spayed and fully vaccinated. She is a very happy and active dog who is good with other dogs and will be best suited in a villa with an active family that can exercise her and keep her physically and mentally in top form.

To meet Chelsea, contact 38Smiles on or message them on their Facebook Page.

— The reader is the founder of 38Smiles, a rescue and adoption centre based in Dubai.