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Three of our dogs are in an urgent need of a foster or forever home. Would you be willing to adopt them?

Naji, one-year-old male, was found wandering around the Al Quoz to Meydan area for over four months before he decided that it was time to let us rescue him. An easy-going Saluki, he is a large hound, but is friendly, calm and lovable. He gets along with other dogs and loves his cuddle time with humans. He plays constantly with his doggy pals and would do well in a home with other dogs. He is fine with children above 10 years of age. We have not tested him yet with younger ones. He is fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered and is ready to go to his forever home.

Sama, a three-year-old female, was found wandering on the streets of Al Ain and rescued by kind people who drove her to Dubai so we could take care of her. She is a beautiful small-sized Saluki mix who would be a wonderful companion to any family. She loves her cuddles and her soft toys and very quickly adjusted from life on the streets to being a wonderful pet at home. She would do well in an apartment as well. She is friendly towards children above 10 years of age and is gentle. Spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped, she is ready for her forever home.

Flame is a young Saluki cross, less than two years old. He is friendly, playful, loves people and gets along with other dogs. He is tall and skinny as Salukis are, but don’t let his appearance fool you as he is a gentle soul and a real softie who loves to sleep all day, as long as he gets his morning exercise and evening walks. Children smaller in size than him have taken him for a walk as he is so easy on the leash. He also has good recall and is very motivated by food and that makes training him very easy. If you always wanted a Saluki, but are concerned about how high maintenance they could be, he is one to start with. He will do well with a family with calm children above 10 years old or a home with other dogs. He is fully vaccinated and chipped and will be neutered once his weight is up.

For details on any of these animals, please contact us at salukirescueuae@gmail.com for more information or find us @SalukiRescueArabia on Facebook.

— The reader is the co-founder of Saluki Rescue UAE.