The workers were served biryani, yogurt cups, mangoes, puffs, biscuits, juices and dates by over 60 student volunteers and their parents. Image Credit: Rohan Kapur


The month of Ramadan teaches us acceptance, altruism and perseverance and on June 9, these values were put into effect as the humanitarian group ‘Serve The Heroes’ went on to serve iftar meals to the 300 workers inhabiting Bee’ah’s camp in Sharjah’s Al Sajja area, in accordance with the vision of the ‘Year of Giving 2017’.

The event started off with all the volunteers bringing in their items for contribution and setting them up for distribution in an organised manner. The Bee’ah environmental workers, who are always on their toes around the clock, were served biryani, yogurt cups, mangoes, puffs, biscuits, juices and dates by over 60 student volunteers and their parents.

Each worker was given their items in paper bags, which were made by the volunteers themselves in a creative manner. This was done to ensure that the distribution was absolutely plastic free.

The workers work tirelessly, even when they are fasting for 15 hours. So, when a child, as young as four, comes and serves them a box of dates and a refreshing juice, they feel happy. We expressed our gratitude to all the volunteers and contributors who have embraced the spirit of service during this month, and we hope that they shall continue their drive for volunteering, even after Ramadan has passed.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Serve The Heroes has been associated with Bee’ah, serving iftar meals during Ramadan to its hardworking staff.

Rashida Adil, a teacher based in Sharjah who volunteered at the event, said: “It was truly an invigorating event, and I’m sure that an act of kindness as noble as this shall go a long way. The images of the workers with their wide smiles after being served are still resonating in my mind.”

Amin Mohammad, a pupil based in Sharjah, said: “It is a blessing to have been a part of such an event, where we get a platform to showcase our spirit of service.”

Mohammad, who joined along with his family, was himself observing the fast, but that didn’t deter his philanthropic drive.

Sanjana Kukreja, another student volunteer, said: “We are really glad to have worked for such a noble cause. I am relishing the feeling of accomplishment that one gets by giving back and seeing the elation of the workers.”

We didn’t just stop there, but the very next day, we served iftar to the workers at a contruction site on Ajman corniche, where we go regularly for distributions on different occasions. More than 20 volunteers joined us as we served more than 200 workers right before dusk, with cold and refreshing juices, dates, biscuits, yogurt, puffs, apples and mangoes. The workers welcomed the items with broad smiles, even though they were tired from a hard day’s work. We didn’t even miss out the tireless bus drivers who were waiting for the workers to climb on as they ended their shift, by honouring them as well.”

I encourage all readers to sincerely take up the cause of helping anyone in need during Ramadan, as during this time, all good deeds are magnified in their righteousness. Remember the saying, “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give”.

— The reader is a student based in Sharjah.

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