Fraud transactions

I own a MasterCard Platinum credit card from Samba Financial Group, UAE. In March, there were unauthorised or fraudulent transactions for Dh2,500 on my credit card, so I raised a request and the bank gave me a temporary credit of Dh2,500, subject to further investigations.

In July, I received my statement and the bank added Dh2,000, which had earlier been reversed. I did not receive any update as to why this has happened.

I visited the Jumeirah Road branch, and the agent promised me that the request would be addressed and resolved, but nothing has happened so far. I called her multiple times, but I received a standard response — always that the case is under investigation.

In August, I raised another complaint, which was closed without any action. The reason for closure was ‘we need more details’. I want to clarify that I have provided all the details about the transactions and still, they have closed this case.

Through the bank’s call centre, I raised another complaint on August 16 and the case is still open and pending investigation. Whenever I speak to the call centre or visit the branch, I only get false promises and no action. This has been happening for more than 180 days. This is harassment without any resolution.

It would be kind of Gulf News to look into this matter. I will be extremely thankful for the cooperation.

From Mr Sagar Gupta


The management of Samba Bank responds:

We thank you for bringing the issue to our notice. However, kindly note that we will not be able to respond to the raised concerns through Gulf News due to confidentiality reasons. We advise customer(s) to route their concerns through UAE Central Bank by sending an email to Once the complaint is received from Central Bank, we will send our response directly to UAE Central Bank. Thank you for your understanding on such matters.

Mr Gupta responds:

Thank you Gulf News for the update and taking this matter up with the bank. I will take up this issue with the Central Bank.

(Process initiation: October 7. Response from organisation: October 13. Reader responds: October 20.)

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