Whether women can ever be fully understood or men can manage houses is an ongoing debate. This week we decided to poll readers about everyday issues between spouses.

While men agreed that wives have the right to set deadlines, they were not too keen on women flaunting their material successes. Most men were very clear in their priorities that after marriage, their wives are more important than friends. Do you agree or disagree? Share your views at readers@gulfnews.com.

My husband's sense of humour makes my friends go weird on me.

Not at all, in fact, my friends quite enjoy my husband's sense of humour. So it has been fun. He does have a good sense of humour and thankfully because of that, my friends have never had to go weird on me!
- Vicky Taylor

Rather than my friends, I am the one who finds my husband's sense of humour weird; therefore I enjoy it only on some occasions. His friends enjoy it completely and so do mine, but they've never thought of his jokes being weird.
- Hind A. Wahid

This has never been the case with me, as my husband has an amazing sense of humour. In fact, my friends absolutely love his company because of his jokes. I too love the jokes he cracks. So the weirdness has never really been there, thankfully!
- Gatha Saxena

Yes, yes it does and very often. Many a times he cracks jokes that even I can't laugh at. That is the time when we just exchange those knowing looks and make it obvious to him that it wasn't really funny. As far as my husband is concerned, he doesn't care.
- Kashish Navlani

My wife's time deadlines make me "uncool" on a boys' night out.

I think my wife is right in placing deadlines. I am okay with that because I live my life and not my friend's life. For me, keeping my wife happy is more important, the home is more important than anything else. So cool or not, the wife is right!
- Mohammad C.
Abu Dhabi

Well, the wife does have rights to put deadlines when it comes to me coming home at a decent hour when out socialising with friends, and as far as friends thinking of me being "uncool", I really don't care. My priority is my family, what anyone else may think or feel, doesn't matter to me.
- Anwar Mohiuddeen

I think as far as I am concerned, my wife is important and if she wants me to be home at a certain time, I wouldn't mind leaving the company of my friends. Once a person gets married, he has to shoulder responsibilities and the home does come before friends. What more can I say?
- Mohan V.S.

I give all my time to her. For me, she is most important. So I am okay if she sets deadlines for me when it comes to a few things. There are times when I am meeting friends after a long time and need to spend more time with them; at such times she understands and therefore, there is absolutely no issue on this one.
- Osama Ramadi

Moving into my husband's apartment has meant losing my voice on the decorating!

Not at all. Both of us consult each other on the way the house needs to be done up, and usually it is me who takes the final call. So for me, it has never been a problem. I haven't had to lose my voice over this!
- Karina Belloni

Hah! No, never. In fact, both of us consult each other and then the decision that is finally taken is mutual. It also helps, as neither of us is adamant about anything. So for me, the going has been easy.
- Kruti Indani

No, that is not the case with me. In fact, both of us consult, so the end result turns out to be better as when you use two heads instead of one, the choice is better, you explore more options and also control the budget better. It also helps as we can decide together as to what is important and what is not required.
- Shabeena Suhwod

My husband has left it entirely up to me to decorate the house. And I think it works better as I think that women can decide better, have a better taste and therefore do a better job. Also, women are the ones who manage the budget, so it is better if they are the ones responsible.
- Jyoti Deepak

My wife is making more money and this is leading to intimacy issues.

I am more than happy to know that she is making more money. I actually appreciate this fact and this, in no way, can create any issues between us.
- Kunal Joshi

It's actually no problem as long as she does not make an issue out of it. If she doesn't show it off, I am okay with it, but if she shows off or argues about things on the basis that she is the one who earns more, then yes, it could cause problems between us.
- Loai Ayobi

No, it is not an issue. Her income is her income and we share our earnings. So that way, it coming in the way of our relationship is never the point. In fact, I am happy about the fact that she can make more money than I can.
- Ailsa Tipping

Well, it really is no issue at all. I am happy that she is earning more, and sharing the earning, more importantly. We share a strong bond, so money cannot be an issue. I am glad to know that my wife makes more money; in fact, I don't mind even telling my friends and family that she earns more.
- Amja S.