Dubai: Rowdy youth socialising late into the night are disturbing the peace in Dubai’s Karama area, residents complained.

Tenants of Shaikh Hamdan Colony on Street 10a said they are sleepless as loud teens gather outside an internet games shop there as late as 2am or more.

The noisy chatter carries foul language and blaring music into apartments, as cigarette smoke fills the air and littering mars the parking lot, they added.

Gulf News witnessed this on a recent visit. The teens were in groups of Arabs and Asians.

Residents claimed they have complained to police who have issued warnings, but the problem continues. They told Gulf News on condition of anonymity there has been at least one “gang fight” among street squabbles.

“I can’t keep my windows open because of the filthy words, the children inside can clearly hear that. This is a family neighbourhood, why can’t these gangs of friends show some respect and courtesy?” complained an Indian tenant.

“You don’t need this at the end of a long, hard working day. Home is where you come to find peace, it shouldn’t be a place of worries. This used to be a good place to live.”

A number of residents added in a letter that problems began since the youth took fancy to the games shop as a regular haunt.

“As parents ourselves, we wonder if the parents of these boys/girls know where their kids are hanging out and what a menace they are causing,” their letter said.

“What we fail to understand is when most commercial shops in our area and in the emirate of Dubai have their shutters down by 11pm, how come this shop is privileged to have its doors open till 2am? Don’t commercial establishments have restrictions of timings?

“We would be grateful if these activities could be monitored and the authorities concerned look into this problem and take strict action on those concerned, thus restoring the much needed peace and quiet of out neighbourhood.”

A blanket of silence covered the street after the youth dispersed around 12.30am on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Department of Economic Development (DED), which licenses businesses, has reportedly not received any complaint related to such cases. Businesses in Dubai are licensed based on various variables, with DED overseeing that both the interests of traders and consumers both are secure.