I have been in Dubai for almost three years. My husband and I are struggling here to work in a small salary. Last few months we found out I have four numbers in du as well as my husband, which we are not aware of. Around Dh6,000 bills for both of us. My salary is Dh2,200 a month; same as my husband. How can we afford to have a postpaid bill especially for four numbers? Please help us. We can’t afford to pay this, our salary is very less.

I complained and they said I signed four contracts at a shop in Mall of Emirates. I haven’t been there, as I am staying in Riqqa, Deira. I went to du Al Ghurair branch, and they said I signed four numbers, but when they checked my signature in the contract, it’s very different from my signature.

From Ms Lolita Swing


A spokesperson from du responds: With reference to the query of Ms Swing, our team investigated the issue. We found that the charges are valid as the mobile numbers were activated using original documents. We have explained the same to the customer to her satisfaction.

(Process initiation: September 27. Response from organisation: December 19.)

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