I would like to highlight the excess charge levied on my monthly bill for my mobile number. I noticed on my bill — which I received on March 8, for the month of February — that there was an international roaming charge that I had not subscribed for.

I called du’s call centre agents, regarding my concern, and they insisted that I had used the roaming service.

I informed them that I had only used the local network in Kerala, India, utilising a local Sim card. I explained this further to the agents, and after they could not assist, I asked to speak to a manager, but they connected me to a supervisor instead.

They said they would get back to me regarding the issue and kept giving me missed calls.

I did eventually manage to call them back again and was transferred to a supervisor who understood my issue and promised that the amount would be removed from the bill and the case would be resolved.

Then again, on the next day, I got a call from another supervisor, saying I would have to pay the amount.

I informed him that I would not pay for a service I did not ask for.

Since then, du has started sending me message alerts to pay my bill. So I felt I would have to pay the bill or du would disconnect my outgoing services. I paid the amount of Dh187, which I never used.

From Mr Bappikkantavita M. S. Kunhi


The management of du responds:

In response to Mr Kunhi’s enquiry, we investigated a monthly bill excess charge linked to international roaming during the month of February. We advised him the amount from the bill that will be removed based on our investigation and requested the customer to pay the remaining balance. We hope this clarifies the situation.

(Process initiation: April 15. Response from organisation: June 6. Process completion: June 6.)

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