Owners of parked vehicles often find visiting cards offering massage services on the windshield or tucked into car windows. Photo: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News Image Credit:

Massage cards are still being littered across some streets in Dubai and Gulf News reader Ashif Nasarulla has had enough.

Nasarulla has been living in the UAE for the past 12 years, and a year ago his son started complaining about something that made him contact Gulf News immediately. He was talking about the massage cards.

“It’s not me but my six-year-old son who made me write this letter to you about the issue,” he said. He was referring to the massage cards that are thrown on some Dubai streets.

“My son asks me whether it is acceptable to litter in this way,” he said.

Nasarulla is a resident of Al Nahda area in Dubai and said that he has seen these cards being distributed across his locality and other parts of Dubai.

"I have seen people simply putting these cards on car windows or if not, they will simply throw them on the pavements," he said.

The Indian national who works as a sales manager is also concerned about the images some of these cards advertising massage parlours display.

“The pictures on these cards are not appropriate for children to look. I have seen the cards being dropped around a school in my area as well,” he said.

The father-of-two requested authorities to clamp down on those who are illegally distributing such cards.

“My request is to stop this practise and make the people who do this responsible for it. It’s a nuisance for the people, cleaners and even the municipality as well,” he said.

Dubai Municipality responds

Gulf News contacted Dubai Municipality about the issue and a representative said: “Complaints or other issues relating to the cards as mentioned in the queries can be raised online via consumerrights.ae or through the Dubai consumer app. Dubai Economy will look into such complaints/issues and take appropriate action based on existing regulations.”

The fine for littering is Dh500, according to Dubai Municipality's regulations.