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The stadium can accommodate 25,000 spectators Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

The Dubai International Stadium is a multipurpose stadium in Dubai Sports City (DSC) that is mainly used for cricket. With a capacity of 25,000 spectators and having hosted some of the biggest international sporting events, Dubai International Stadium has been an important landmark within the master development and across the emirate.

The stadium has hosted an impressive list of sporting events, including Twenty20 Internationals and international fixtures attended by sports fans from around the world. It has also played host to the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Indian Premier League (IPL) and the prestigious Asia Cup. The energy and excitement of these sporting spectacles have rubbed off on the community, inspiring its residents, especially youngsters, to be active in sports and other healthy activities.

“Many stadiums are being built around the world for football, but not many new stadiums are built for cricket in recent years, so we wanted to create one of world’s best cricket stadiums here,” says Khalid Al Zarooni, president of DSC.

A special system of floodlights has been installed in the stadium for activities at night. The 350 floodlights, which are collectively called “Ring of Fire”, are fixed around the stadium’s round roof, so there is no need for light towers that can obstruct the views of spectators.

“We brought architects and design experts who have built the latest football stadiums and applied the cricket requirements to it, to set up a modern cricket facility within our community,” says Al Zarooni. “The place comes on the world map as one of the best venues in the world that has attracted a lot of cricket business. This also caters to the infrastructure of cricket in this nation and supports the UAE cricket team to grow and achieve a better future.”