Fatima Suhail Lack of common sense Above left: A motorist waits in a mall parking lot. Above right: Another motorist enters a no-entry zone at a mall parking lot in an attempt to find a vacant spot. Image Credit: Fatima Suhail/Gulf News reader


Many people would agree that it is extremely frustrating when one has to take multiple rounds of mall parking lots on weekends in search of a parking slot. But, what aggravates the situation is the motorists who double park their vehicles and wait for a parking space to become vacant. Additionally, there are those motorists who would drive almost anywhere to be able to get a parking spot, even if it meant on to the pavement. I am deeply irritated by this!

Some even drive in the opposite direction or drive into a no-entry zone, obstructing the traffic movement and increasing the risks of a head-on collision. Driving against the flow of traffic has become quite a common practice in parking lots and is a serious offence.

On countless occasions, I have been compelled to reverse my car to give way to someone who had entered from the wrong direction and was adamant to budge. I request such people to kindly be considerate towards other visitors. We all need to park our vehicles, but it doesn’t mean that we are allowed to wreak havoc.

It would be great if people followed signs and road markings rather than blindly chasing an empty slot and causing inconvenience to everyone else.

The concerned authorities should install radars and cameras at mall parkings to crack down on people who violate the laws and are of the opinion that they can do almost anything once inside the parking complex.


— The reader is based in Sharjah.


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