Deposit amount not refunded

I am a regular reader of Gulf News, and I would like to raise an issue with etisalat whereby I am not able to get back my deposit of Dh2,000 despite several visits to their head office in Deira, Dubai. My first visit to etisalat was on March 7, 2015, and they confirmed the deposit amount, but since the account was transferred to du they were unable to track it. Accordingly, they raised a complaint and asked me to follow up in one week.

I visited the office on April 4 and gave them a detailed report of the events that took place. I further stated that this money can be credited to my existing account to speed up the process of refund. The customer service officer at the Deira branch gave me a printout of events where the GSM Roaming records showed the request was not attended to.

Again, I waited patiently and followed up on 101. They told me to contact the branch where I had submitted the complaint. Accordingly, I went again and met with the manager of the customer service department who gave me another reference number for my complaint.

Unfortunately, despite all my visits and complaints, the deposit amount was not refunded. I request Gulf News to bring this matter to their notice as I have spent around six months without any result.

From Mr Raghunadhan Kannoli


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved.

The customer claimed he was not able to get back his deposit money of Dh2,000 despite several visits to etisalat’s head office in Deira.

1. No deposit money has been received from the customer for the mentioned account since 2005 till the cessation date.

2. Only the customer asked to get back his deposit money of Dh2,000 based on wrong sales call for all port-out customers.

3. The customer’s number was added wrongly to the campaign database.

4. The customer doesn’t have any proof stating that he had paid the deposit money of Dh2,000.

The final outcome was:

1. The customer has been contacted and we explained the situation for him and he was convinced with our feedback.

2. To satisfy the customer due to the inconvenience that happened due to the wrong call and several visits to etisalat, a save offer has been applied to the customer’s eLife account.

3. The customer is satisfied and agreed to close the case.

Mr Kannoli responds:

Thank you for the feedback. Since they have admitted their mistake in making wrong sales calls, which created the confusion, I am content with the outcome of this follow up. I take this opportunity to thank Gulf News for the intervention and help to resolve this matter.

(Process initiation: August 7. Response from organisation: August 16. Reader confirmation: August 25.)

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