Contract confusion

I have been using etisalat’s eLife connection from February 2014 till date. I started my connection with a plan called Double Play for Dh300 per month and received a call from the etisalat team in the middle of 2014, to change my plan to Triple Play. I refused to take the plan at the beginning, but they were persistent, with multiple calls. By July 2014, I signed up for triple play.

The new plan, as per their customer care representative, includes a wireless phone for free, an eLife box for free and 8MB to 10 MB, with free installation. I was told that it would come to under Dh359 per month with no hidden charges. I double-checked with the representative to ensure there were no hidden charges.

In September 2015, I called customer care to cancel my etisalat eLife connection and got a reply. They stated that my connection to Triple Play had been activated in July 2014 and that since my plan was for 24 months, and I had only completed 14 months, I had to pay a plan contract cancellation charge of Dh250 for the remaining 10 months, Dh200 for the eLife box and Dh50 for the wireless phone, which was clearly said to be free at the time of installation. I did not agree in any contract to any monthly rental for my eLife box or the wireless phone and moreover, the same was not communicated to me in any manner.

I have been asked to pay Dh859, including all of the above, to close my etisalat eLife connection, wherein it was supposed to be only Dh359. I am ready to give back my eLife box or wireless phone. They are not accepting this, in order to reduce my final payment. I have raised my request for the same with no response. I tried to speak with the customer care support team, but no proper response has been given.

From Mr Suresh Thanika


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved and the customer has been updated.

Mr Thanika responds:

Thanks for considering my request. I have received a call from etisalat saying they have cancelled the extra charges. Thanks Gulf News, for the prompt response that has made this happen. Some feedback for etisalat — please be very specific about charges in offers, when communicating with customers.

(Process initiation: September 14. Response from organisation: September 20. Process completion: September 21.)

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