Bank charges

I took a loan from ADCB bank in June 2007 for the amount of Dh50,000 and they gave me Dh5,000 as overdraft facility. They were charging me Dh50 each month and the total amount became Dh55,000. After some time, my one month salary cut, and they said that the overdraft facility had expired so they recovered the money at one instalment. I requested them to take it in two instalments, but they did not agree. However, I decided to keep quiet as after that I would only be paying my monthly instalment. Initially my loan was for 60 months and my monthly instalment was Dh1,077. I had already paid for 37months regularly, i.e. Dh39,849. This means that the remaining balance should be Dh24,771 for 23 months. Then I was sent on forced leave from my company for four months. When I returned to work, my first monthly salary was held back from the bank. I tried speaking to them on phone but they did not reply properly. Then my second salary was also on hold and it is till date. The total amount came to Dh21,000. I spoke with the bank, but they said that I should go to the collections department, as they didn’t know why my salary is on hold. I tried speaking to the bank over and over again, but nothing has happened until now. It is because of ADCB, that I have problem to pay my children’s education fee. I now have problems with my other bank card because I have not got anything from my salary for a long time. I tried to speak with one of the staff members at ADCB, he looked at my account details and promised to call me soon. When he finally called, he said that I have to pay Dh79,890 to finish my loan from ADCB. I don’t know how did they calculate that amount and where were my monthly instalments going until now? They also held my salary of Dh21,000, meaning they had received the total amount of Dh60,846. They are not giving me any details of my account and I don’t know where can I get the information from? The branch where I opened my account, doesn’t know what is happening either. Only the collections department has been asking me to pay this amount.

From Mr Qayum Fazal


The management of ADCB responds:

Thank you for your constant cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues. It is important to note that customer satisfaction is at the very top of our agenda, which is why we have an established Service Quality Unit that is dedicated to handling all customer enquiries and complaints. All ADCB customers can contact this unit 24/7 on 800 2030; or call collect +97126210090 from outside UAE; alternatively they can visit our website ( from where they will be able to log their complaints, recommendations or suggestions. Please be advised that we are directly communicating our feedback to the customer in order to close the case.

Mr Fazal responds:

The bank called and asked me to pay one shot payment of Dh62,400 or pay Dh124,000 in one year. How can I pay this amount? My loan was only Dh50,000 and I have already paid for 37 months. They are also holding my salary total amount of Dh22,000. Why are they asking me to pay Dh124,000 more? I am suffering a lot from ADCB. My children’s visas have expired because they my salaries are on hold. I requested the bank that I am willing to pay but drop the extra charges and make the instalments easy for me, so that my family doesn’t suffer.

Mr Fazal updates:

We spoke to the bank several times but they still want what they want and are refusing to give any discounts, as it’s not their policy to do so. They are still demanding me to pay it in one shot or pay it four times high. I can’t deal with them anymore.

ADCB responds:

Please note that we are in direct contact with the customer to resolve his issue. Appreciate your cooperation.

Balance transfer

I want to seek the help of Gulf News to resolve a complaint that I have with Mashreq bank. I have an etisalat-Mashreq bank platinum credit card. I deposited a cheque for Dh8,000 (Balance Transfer Cheque from RAK Bank) at the Mashreq ATM on September 1, 2012 at their BurJuman branch. However, I have not received the credit for the cheque. I have registered a complaint with Mashreq on September 5. I have also been calling their phone banking lines every alternate day for the past month, but the issue is not resolved. I hope Gulf News can help. Thanks in advance.

From Mr Srinivasalu Dasarathan


The management of Mashreq responds:

We thank you for sharing Mr Dasarathan’s complaint with us. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to our valued customer. Mr Dasarathan deposited a cheque towards his credit card payment, which was mentioned incorrectly in the deposit slip, therefore it was not processed. There was an unforeseen delay to contact our customer. We would like to confirm that we have resolved the case by contacting Mr Dasarathan to collect the cheque from one of our branches. Thank you for seeking clarification.

Mr Dasarathan responds:

Thank you Gulf News. I am happy as Mashreq bank contacted me and asked me for a copy of the cheque deposit slip. Two hours later, they called me again and told me that my cheque can be collected from the BurJuman branch.

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