eLife triple play

I am the victim of eLife triple play using internet, landline and television eLife channels. It has become a regular interruption of services from Etisalat and I am unable to use the services on a daily basis. After taking eLife triple play, I am unable to use the landline, too. During September, only, I made five complaints about eLife interruption. Etisalat has fixed the complaint, taking two to three working days.

As usual, I called 101 and followed their instructions for troubleshooting and still I have a network problem. After following the verification process, the service staff from etisalat asked many questions related to technical issues that an ordinary person would be unable to answer. Only if they were satisfied with the troubleshooting process, would they book a complaint.

etisalat should improve their service, to attend the complaint immediately after booking. The customer is not supposed to check the fault initially. Only authorised technicians from etisalat should attend the fault instead of wasting a customer’s time and energy for troubleshooting. Moreover, for booking the complaint, the customer has to spend some time, not less than 45 minutes, due to wrong voice message through 101.

I hope etisalat will improve their current procedure of booking and attending to complaints as the consumer has to wait for two working days to get the complaint rectified, as stated by their service staff.

We are living in the modern world and we cannot live without telephone, internet and television channels.

From Mr Abdul Kadar Mohammad Saleh


The management of etisalat responds:

“We agreed with the customer that we will check with him the service status after a week, that is, October 9, 2013. So we will wait to get customer confirmation.”

Mr Saleh responds:

Thank you Gulf News for your kind cooperation and follow-up. My complaint is resolved for now.

Delayed service

My husband and I moved to a new building on September 12. On the 14th, we requested etisalat to transfer our existing E-Life connection to our new address. It is now September 22, and despite two follow-ups, still no feedback from etisalat. On checking, etisalat claimed that there is no fibre optic connection in the new building. However, on counterchecking with existing tenants, all have had their E-Life connections done! What is wrong?

From Ms Bernadette Bularan


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer issue with etisalat was solved.

Information change

I visited etisalat on July 7, 2013 to update my personal details. The form was fully filled and I paid the charges as processing fee. I called 101 to enquire about my statement due delay in receipt. They asked me to write to 101@contactcentre.ae. I wrote to them on July 17 informing them that the monthly statement was not received. My mail was acknowledged on July 18 requesting for customer ID and proof for further assistance, which was provided on the same day.

I then received an email from 101@contactcentre.ae stating that my email ID was wrongly updated in their system. I replied asking them to verify and confirm the form I had filled when I visited the etisalat office to update the personal details as I am confident of not making such an error from my end. Moreover as they requested on July 22, I had forwarded the details again for the updatiing process with my ID’s copy.

The case was registered informing me that the email ID was changed and also escalated the request for the previous month’s statement to the concerned department on July 23.

I received an SMS on July 30 stating that the complaint was resolved and closed. The next day I replied to 101@contactcentre.ae stating that the complaint was closed without resolving the issue as I have not received the statement for the month of June.

After sending several reminders they created another complaint on August 12. I have been following up on the same till date and the issue stands unresolved. The issue seems to be dragging as I keep receiving email from 101@contactcentre.ae stating it’s being looked into.

From Mr Faisal Sulaiman Ali


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that we contacted the customer and he informed us that he doesn’t have any issues anymore as he has received all his bills. Thus, the case is closed.


Three months ago, my Wasel line was changed to business Bonanza Silver 130, where I would get 130 minutes of local and 130 minutes of international calls. I was informed that I would be charged per second. However, after a while I noticed that they are charging me per minute, they deduct one minute for a one second call. I filed a complaint and was told that they will sort it out within 10 days. I waited and after 10 days I approached the etisalat business centre, where I was told that the complaint is in the final stage and will take two more days. After two days, I received an SMS saying they will take another 10 days. It has been repeated a few times and finally after two months, the problem was solved. But then they told me that the previous deductions will be reversed and when I received the bill, they charged me extra for minutes within my free limit. I called them again, but I don’t think they will reverse it.

From Mr Mohammad Sageer


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that Mr Mohammad Sageer issue with etisalat was solved.

Mr Sageer responds:

etisalat considered my complaint and credited back the extra charges.

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