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Network issues

I live in AB Plaza 9 in Al Nahda 1 area of Dubai. There is no proper mobile phone network in the apartment in which I live, and this is causing a great inconvenience. I use du on my phone. Residents have raised the issue to their network providers over and over again, but no solution has been brought in so far. We are forced to keep the mobile phones in the foyer as that’s the only place in the house where there is minimal network available. It would be great if Gulf News could take this issue to the authorities and get it sorted out.

From Ms Deepti Chandramouli


Ms Chandramouli updates:

I would like to thank Gulf News for taking up my issue with du authorities and resolving it. Boosters were installed in my house last week. Now, we get mobile phone network all over our house, thanks to du and Gulf News team. Great work.

The management of du responds:

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service, and would like to apologise for Ms Chandramouli’s situation. AB Plaza in Al Nahda 1 is planned to have signal-boosting solutions installed by us during this year, upon the approval of the building management. As a temporary solution, until we receive the approval, our team has installed a femtocell [a low-power cellular base station] to boost the mobile signal power within the building. We have contacted Ms Chandramouli to explain this, and she is satisfied with the soltion.

Wrongly billed

This letter is regarding my mobile telephone bills. I received a smart phone recently and started using it. On October 11 at 6pm, I was charged Dh1,031. A usage of 14 hours, 29 minutes and 29 seconds was recorded, when normally I am home at that time and don’t use the phone.

Subsequently, the very next month, again an amount of Dh1,030 was charged at midnight when I must have been asleep. Do these phones get activated automatically when we sleep?

I went to the etisalat office in Sharjah to complain and the gentleman gave me a form to fill. I did not get any response from etisalat. I went there a couple of times, but the reply always was that they were ‘checking’ up on the issue. They are still checking!

I don’t have time to go to etisalat every now and then, as I work and it is not fair for me to take leave to sort out these problems. I finally sent a complaint to etisalat’s Dubai office and the reply was once again that they are checking and would respond to me soon.

I earnestly request Gulf News to kindly take up this matter and assist me, as I have noticed the newspaper has amicably resolved similar cases in the past.

From Mr Suresh Krishnan


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue with etisalat was solved.

Mr Krishnan responds:

I want to thank Gulf News for taking up my issue. I had really given up hope of getting my money back, until I came across a similar case that was settled amicably by the newspaper. I appreciate the good work.

Issue of liability certificate

I had applied for a liability certificate from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) on January 2, 2014, but have not received it yet. I got in touch with their contact centre once every two days, visited their bank twice and met the in-charge too. I have also lodged complaints twice through their contact centre, but to date [January 22, 2014] there has been no solution at all. I hope Gulf News is able to help me out of this situation. I don’t understand why ADIB is so irresponsible when it comes to issuing a liability certificate.

From Mr Senthil Kumar

Abu Dhabi

The management of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank responds:

We thank you for bringing this case to our attention. We have contacted the customer and are pleased to inform you that we were able to retain him as a customer, and our rehab unit will help him in restructuring his liability.

Mr Kumar responds:

Gulf News’ intervention in the issue has certainly brought me relief and thanks for that. ADIB has taken up the issue and appointed a responsible person to look into the issue and he has solved the problem. I have decided to stay with them. Hope ADIB looks into customer requirements more seriously.

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