I am using an Infinite card issued by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB). My complaint is regarding the charges debited to my account for the alleged delay in settlement. The due date mentioned on my monthly card statement was May 7, 2017, and I was required to pay Dh44,929.15. On the due date itself, I deposited a cheque of Dh46,246.58 in their ATM machine and collected the acknowledgement receipt. However, in my card statement dated May 12, I noticed that the cheque was credited to my account only on May 11 and I was charged a penalty of Dh1,252.01 for delay.

On enquiry, the bank customer service advised me that the cheque should have been deposited before the mentioned due date, as they take more than three days to clear it. This sounds strange as the statement mentioned only the due date and did not talk about any early deposit. It is also unusual for a bank to take four working days to credit a cheque after collection. I am using other bank issued cards and the settlement is made only on the due date by cheque. I never had a situation like this with them. They are not charging like ADIB. My repeated follow-up enquiries to resolve this issue were rejected.

I am a loyal customer of ADIB and the bank’s approach to this episode is a total shock to me. As they do not value our relationship, I have no other option but to terminate the card if the issue is not resolved amicably.

I request Gulf News’ assistance to take up the matter with ADIB management.

From Mr Hari Kumar


The management of ADIB responds:

The issue was investigated internally and our complaints department contacted Mr Kumar to explain our policy regarding payment by cheque, which is cleared in our terms and conditions. When paying by cheque at cheque deposit machines, the payment must be made in good time to allow clearing of the cheque before the Payment Due Date in order to avoid further fees.

(Process initiation: July 5. Response from organisation: August 7.)

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