I am a Mashreq bank account holder, and have taken a loan of Dh90,000 in October 2015. While applying for the loan, Mashreq sales representative told me there will be a free Samsung tablet along with the loan as a promotion and also they issued a credit card, which I cancelled last month.

But after cancelling the credit card they had started charging me Dh50 as “Monthly fee-Elec Device Mashreq Max Bundle charging.” I contacted customer care about this, they told me that I had cancelled the credit card, which was part of the “bundle”. That was the first time I had heard about a “Max Bundle”. I told them they hadn’t informed me about this bundle or these terms, neither while I was being offered the tablet nor during cancellation of the credit card. They told me it was neither their job nor the sales representative’s job to tell me the terms and conditions, and they don’t sit and read through them. Instead, since I signed up for the loan, I would have to abide by their conditions and would have to pay. I insisted a complaint be raised and my issue to be looked into, but they told they would not raise a complaint, as nothing could be done and these were rules. Even I am ready to settle my total loan amount, but still I have to pay the service charge till my loan tenure, which is almost 30 months more. I also tried to contact the sales representative, who arranged this loan, but he is not responding. Now I am helpless.

It is unfair when banks behave this way. Sales representative offerings as per their liking, just to make a sale, and we, as customers, end up suffering. I feel that I am cheated, especially since I wasn’t told about such a condition and was told the tablet was just a free gift as part of their promotion. Since the bank is neglecting to even take up my issue, I would like Gulf News’ assistance in resolving this matter and for justice to prevail.

So far, they have charged Dh100 for last two months, with another 30 more months to go till my loan Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) ends. Kindly help in this matter.

From Mr Sridhar Rajendran


The management of Mashreq responds: Thank you for referring Mr Sridhar Rajendran concern to us for our investigation and feedback.

We have investigated the issue highlighted and discovered through our records and application forms that Mr Rajendran opted in for Mashreq’s Max Bundle Offer and as a result qualified for the Samsung Tablet. The Tablet was not offered to customers free, but as an award for opting in for multiple products at the same time. The Terms and Conditions clearly state that if the customer opted out of any of the bundled products before two years at least, he/she will be charged a nominal fee of Dh50 on pro rata basis.

The charges are fair as per policy since Mr Rajendran had requested the cancelation of his credit card stating that he was leaving the UAE hence breaking the ‘bundled offer.’

He however opted to continue with the Mashreq’s loan, although not a resident of the UAE any longer.

We have explained to Mr Rajendran the reason for the charges and he acknowledges that he initiated the card cancelation. The charges are valid and will ideally continue to be levied until November 2017 as these cannot be reversed in totality. But purely as a goodwill gesture, we were happy to accommodate the future charges if only Mr Rajendran agreed.

We thank you for your intervention in having Mr Rajendran concerns highlighted. Unfortunately he is not in agreement with the best proposed resolution.

We thank you for your intervention.

Mr Rajendran responds: Thanks a lot Gulf News for your intervention. But still, the issue is not resolved.

I have told them clearly that I was not informed any of the terms and condition regarding the charges during applying or cancelling the credit card, but they are not ready to hear my concern.

Since the consequence of the charges was not informed to me while cancelling the credit card I am not liable to pay any additional charges to my account. It is the responsibility of the bank to inform the customers about the additional charges while cancelling the free credit card.

During our conversation, I have requested for the complete waiver, so far I have been charged Dh300 till date and Dh250 yet to be (till November 2017) as future charges.

But hard thing is, they are not ready to provide waiver for the future charges, instead they are asking me to take Salaam points for the future charges, which is really of no use for me (because I don’t have Mashreq credit, without that I can’t use these points).

I am requesting again, kindly provide at least waiver for the future charges and I don’t want any compensation in the name of Salaam points.

Mashreq responds: Mr Rajendran has signed the application form, which clearly states the charges would be applicable in case he will cancel any of the product offered in the max bundle within two years from the application date.

The charges are fair as per policy since Mr Rajendran had requested the cancelation of his credit card on his own accord stating that he was leaving UAE hence breaking the ‘bundled offer’.

He however opted to continue with the Mashreq’s loan, although not a resident of UAE any longer. The charges are valid and will ideally continue to be levied until November 2017.

We would also like to confirm that Salaam points offered to Mr Rajendran are purely as a gesture and not in lieu of tablet charges. We have explained him earlier as well that Salaam points can be redeemed using his debit card, and credit card is not a mandatory for the redemption of Salaam points.

(Process initiation: May 24. Response from organisation: May 28. Process completion: May 30.)

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