I have had a Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Titanium credit card since from January 1, 2008. Two years ago, the bank introduced up to 10 per cent cashback for all utility payments, supermarket bills, and school fees. I have made utility payments for my relatives and friends’ circle with this credit card in the past. Regarding the bill payments, I received cashback for the past year, of not more than three to five per cent, but now, I received a call from the bank, warning me not to make other utility payments, because if I do so one more time, they will block my card from their end.” I have three questions to clarify:

1) My credit card limit is Dh5,000. So 10 per cent cashback is not at all possible, even though they are falsely advertising 10 per cent cash back. I have tried and have managed to get not more than three to five per cent.

2) I was only getting three to five per cent cashback. What prompts the bank to warn me to not pay my friends’ utility bills? If they are giving me a cashback, it encourages us to pay the bills in this way. If they are against the cashback offer, why are they offering cashback on their credit cards in the first place?

3) Why have they not mentioned this in their terms and conditions?

Kindly resolve this issue and advise me on how to manage my concerns.

From Mr B. T. Nagendiran


The management of Standard Chartered Bank responds:

Upon receiving the complaint, Standard Chartered Customer Care Unit contacted the client and informed him about the terms and condition relating to the Cashback. All considerations have now been satisfied and the client has not raised any further issue thereafter.

Mr Nagendiran responds:

I received a call from the customer support department in SCB. They have accepted my queries about increasing my credit limit and have taken the necessary action on time, for the same. I thank Gulf News’ team for supporting me in this difficult situations.

(Process initiation: October 30. Response from organisation: November 1. Process completion: November 6).

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