The reader’s car was damaged by a trolley left in the parking lot by a fellow shopper. Image Credit: Fatima Suhail

Sharjah: How much time does it take for us to put our shopping trolley back in its proper place? It barely takes a few minutes and yet most people leave their carts irresponsibly in the middle of the road, in the parking lots, on the footpath or next to someone’s car. It is very sad and disappointing that we cause so much inconvenience to others just to be able to save our time.

On countless occasions, I have seen customers taking their trolleys to the parking lot, removing their bags and leaving them behind in such a manner that it obstructs the way and blocks the parking spot. I usually have to remove a trolley before proceeding to park my car when going to any major supermarket.

However, a recent incident has left me very upset and angry. I had gone for grocery shopping only to find a trolley placed next to my car upon my return. I tried to push it away and to my horror, the paint had been scratched as a result of someone else’s careless behaviour (as seen in photograph). I tried to find out who was responsible for it, but this was an impossible task. The security bluntly refused to help me out in this regard and asked me to call the police. Since it was a slight damage and no dent, I decided otherwise and chose not to report the matter.

But, I request fellow shoppers to be considerate towards others and place their trolleys back in the queue after use, as sometimes, the wheels in these trolleys can cause them to slip away and hit parked cars leading to severe damage.

The reader is based in Sharjah.

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