I hold a RAKBank credit card since 16 years and have never ever defaulted on any payments. All dues have been paid in time, but 10 days ago I received a text message from RAKBank telling me that my credit card has been blocked. I called their Customer Service but they were unable to provide a clear answer. They just said that the bank blocked my card and they even said that it would be of no use visiting their branch because even they cannot help me. Then, I sent an email to the bank. After a couple of reminders, they responded that the card had been blocked based on ‘review of business’. Not convinced with their reply, I visited their Al Qusais branch but unfortunately got the same answer as the one I received from their customer service. I was also told that it would not be re-activated anymore.

Just before the card was blocked, I made an excess payment of Dh5,000 to cover my child’s school fees. The next day the card was blocked. When I asked them to refund my money, they asked to cancel my card, which takes three to four working days and I need to wait for 45 days to get refunded! This is ridiculous - no reason, no notice and they block my card, showing no courtesy or respect to the customer.

I believe Gulf News should take up this matter and help with this situation.

From Mr Nakhuda Aftar Ahmad


The management of RAKBank responds:

Please note that as per banks’ standards and best practice in the UAE banking industry, the Bank is limited with respect to disclosing or providing details and/or specific information about their customers to any third party to maintain the confidentiality of their data and personal information.

Kindly note that Mr Ahmad’s credit card was blocked on March 1, 2018 as per the bank’s internal policy and a text message confirming the same was sent to his registered contact number.

Since receipt of your email, we are in touch with the customer to resolve his concerns.

(Process initiation: March 20 Response from organisation: March 22 Process completion: April 10)

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