Car loan

I financed a new car with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) through their Auto Loan Section in July 2015. After 10 months of payments, I went to DIB for early settlement because I lost my job. I paid all the outstanding loan and got a Non Liability Letter from DIB. But now, when I requested for my security cheque to be returned to me, they are refusing to do so.

Please help me.

From Mr Zulfiqar Maqbool


The management of DIB responds: DIB would like to confirm that our Service Quality team has been in touch with Mr Maqbool to address this issue. We have resolved the case and informed him to collect his security cheque from the bank. As such, we now consider the matter to be closed and look forward to helping Mr Maqbool in any other way we can.

Mr Maqbool responds: Your intervention on my issue has led to the solution to my case. I collected my cheque and can confirm the matter is resolved. I would like to thank Gulf News for doing a great job.

(Process initiation: July 27. Response from organisation: August 4. Reader confirmation: August 6.)

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