If expensive books were deterring you from taking up the reading habit, Book Hero is here to help.

Second-hand books are sold at the cost of Dh10 or Dh20 and the sales then support the trap, neuter, release (TNR) programme run by The Animal project.

“The UAE, being a nest for the expat on transit, is the perfect place to sell recycled books, DVDs, CDs, household items etc. that in most cases are almost new,” said Montserrat Martin who runs the Book Hero project.

“Last year, we sterilised almost 1,000 cats. It’s easy to mention the figure but it requires endless operations hours, effort, tears, money and a bunch of caring people willing to make the world a better place.”

The campaign hopes to one day sterilise at least 500 cats per week. This, according to Martin, is crucial to counter the effects of stray animal population.

“Millions of tiny insignificant drops fill our oceans,” Martin said.

“There is something amazing about books and surrendering to them. No matter how quiet malls or others places could be, you can always spot someone completely absorbed by a book.”

The Book Hero book sales happen in Sports City, inside the lobby for the Spanish Soccer Academy.