I am writing to you in the hope that I will be able to resolve my issue with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB). In August last year, I applied for a personal loan. According to the agent whom I approached to facilitate and expedite my loan, I had to open an account with the bank so that once the loan is approved, the loaned amount would be credited to that account. However, due to several reasons, my loan was disapproved.

I just wonder about one thing. I have been receiving ‘0' balance bank statements since November 2010 and I have not really given these bank statements much attention as I was under the impression that my account had not been activated since the loan was not approved and the same would automatically be closed.

Much to my surprise, I recently received a ‘0' balance statement but with details of the amount on hold due to service charges which have accumulated to Dh500 (since November 2010). I have not used this account at all since its opening. I would like to reiterate that the account was opened only for the purpose of the personal loan application which did not materialise at all.

Please help me get clarification from the bank as I am worried that if they don't close my account, I might be paying Dh500 or more for services I have not even used or availed of. I look forward to having the above issue take its natural course and be put to rest. I am hoping for a rectification or a permanent solution from the bank through Gulf News' support.

From Mr Luisito Salonga


The management of ADCB responds: At the outset, please be advised that our customers are important to us and to enable problem solving for them, we have devoted a Service Quality Unit that handles all customers' issues and complaints. Our customers are free to contact us on our toll-free number at 8002030; or call collect +97126210090 from outside the UAE; or they can visit our website (www.adcb.com) from where they will be able to log their complaints, commendation or suggestions.

Regarding the subject case mentioned above, please note that the bank has decided to waive all the charges as a service gesture to the customer. The customer will be visiting the branch to sign the account closure form and he is now satisfied.

Mr Salonga responds: I would like to commend Gulf News' efforts in helping and providing support to readers to resolve/rectify their issues. I have personally experienced a quick and prompt favourable response regarding my concern with ADCB whose representative called me to advise me on what I need to do to reverse the service charges they have imposed against my account. I am deeply overwhelmed by the newspaper's immediate efforts to bring solutions to readers' problems. I can't thank you enough.

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