I have been using my First Gulf Bank (FGB) credit card since January 2013 and conducted a balance transfer with my FGB credit card for a 24-month instalment. I always pay my instalments on time. As usual, I deposited Dh1,040 in the ATM on December 1, 2014, but Dh1,020 got stuck in the machine and Dh20 was returned without any receipt. I made a complaint with FGB’s customer care centre. Their agent said the bank would solve all complaints within four working days, which did not happen with my complaint — it has been 79 days (as of today). I called FGB’s customer care more than 20 times, but their answer was that they have sent my e-mail to the concerned department and I would get a call back from them on the same day. However, I haven’t received any calls yet.

The bank statements for December 2014 and January 2015 showed charges of Dh551 as late fee and interest for the pending case that remains unsettled by FGB. On calling a customer care agent, I was told there are more similar cases pending and they don’t know how long it will take to resolve them. So I settled my bills (including Dh1,020 and Dh551) on February 1 to avoid more trouble.

From Mr Santosh Joseph, Dubai

Mr Joseph updates:

Thank you Gulf News for your help. I received an SMS and a call from FGB’s customer care, to inform me that the issues had been solved and they apologised for what happened. They said they would revert the amount in my next statement, including late fees and interest as well. Gulf News is doing a great job. Keep it up.

The management of FGB responds:

FGB is grateful for all customer feedback to which we give careful consideration as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. We have been in contact with Mr Joseph and explained that the reversal of the late fees and interest is under processing.

(Process initiation: February 18. Reader updates: February 18. Response from organisation: February 23.)

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