Old bill returns

I came to the UAE in 2012 and worked as an office assistant at my first job. My work location was quite far from the city of Abu Dhabi and the company provided us a sharing etisalat internet connection in our room, but it was too slow because so many people were using the same connection. So, I decided to arrange and look for my own internet connection, and I saw a Wimax connection on a nearby portable cabin. I applied at their branch at Madinat Zayed, and successfully did so, with all the required documents submitted.

I waited for a few days and they installed the Wimax connection in our room and the requisite antenna on our roof. The man tested the connection and I observed that the speed was too slow and asked why? He told me that I would need to wait for 24 hours until my connection was registered with the nearby tower, and then the speed would improve.

I waited for more than a day, but the connection was still slow and it took time to just open a web page. I called the customer care hotline and complained about the connection. I even called the man who installed the connection, because he told me to call him whenever there was a problem. I kept calling them and waited for more than two weeks, but no technician came to fix the issue.

I then decided to visit the branch where I had applied for the connection on October 29, 2012, and informed them about the issue. I asked for the disconnection of the line but the cashier told me that I would still need to pay an amount. So, I just paid the disconnection charges and cleared my bills and asked them to remove all that they had installed at our accommodation. They said they would send people to collect the instruments.

Months passed and our project was completed and we had to transfer to the city, but the instruments still remained uncollected by etisalat. Today, years have passed and I’m now working in Dubai at a different company. One day, a sales agent came to our office and offered us a postpaid plan with a mobile phone. I was interested and prepared all the necessary documents. He told me that I had to wait for about 15 days to receive the mobile device with the plan.

Fifteen days have passed and etisalat failed to deliver the item. I called the man who had visited our office and he told me that my application was rejected and asked me to call the customer care hotline. I called and was surprised to hear that I had unpaid balance in my account. I asked them what these charges were for and they told me that it was from the antenna, which was not collected from my previous connection.

I paid etisalat whatever my balance was before the disconnection of Wimax device. I informed them to collect the antenna but no one from etisalat came to remove it. It is not the customer’s responsibility, it’s their service and their duty to remove it. Until now, my account has not been cleared by them. I sent them a copy of my last payment but they are insisting on collecting the antenna first and if the antenna cannot be found, the due amount will remain in my account. I did what I should as a customer and etisalat failed to give the customer what he should get.

In more than two years, etisalat did not inform me about these charges. I didn’t receive an email, text message or a call regarding the charges, but now it is suddenly an issue.

I hope that the issue is raised and Gulf News can help me resolve it.

From Mr Romel Brofar Joyosa


Mr Joyosa updates:

With regards to my complaint to etisalat, they keep sending me messages that my complaint has been resolved. One person from etisalat called me after I visited their branch at BurJuman Metro station, telling me that the antenna has been recovered, but this man didn’t make any report about the recovery, so when I dialed 101, I found my account was still not cleared of the charges.

Until now, my account has not been cleared and the charges are still there. The last call that I received from the customer care centre, informed me that I would need to wait for one to two weeks for the refund or to clear the due amount charges to my account. I don’t know why it is taking so long for the process when the item is already in their hands.

The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was solved. The customer claimed against the charges that have been applied on his IWAN account, after it was ceased, as he was charged for the devices or undelivered equipment. The technician collected the devices and the amount was refunded. The customer has been updated and is satisfied.

(Process initiation: June 10. Process completion: June 23.)