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Dubai: We have all learnt that recycling is important for the betterment and sustainability of Earth, but how many people actually recycle? Also, even though some of us do recycle, we are not aware as to what happens to the recycled material. A similar inquisitiveness arose in my mind and I researched.

I came across Union Paper Mill’s website. This company has set up its own Recyclable Waste Management Division. To join this environmental friendly cause, I contacted the department for the collection of recyclable material. The team were cordial and co-operative.

As a part of World Environment Day’s celebration activities, I planned to organise an educative trip to the Union Paper Mill Factory. My main purpose to organise this trip was ‘seeing is believing’ and that it would surely drive others to take positive environmental action.

The Environment Club at The Millennium School, Dubai (TMS) is actively involved in eco-friendly deeds. The Environment Club teachers, along with students of TMS, visited the factory on June 16. For over two hours we were taken through the various processes of making recycled paper from cardboard. We learnt that cardboard being an organic waste from trees can be recycled any number of times as possible. The trip explained a methodical process of recycling paper and cardboard, which included the sorting to pulping to finished product and the packaging of the recycled paper.

Riya Bhatia, who never misses any opportunity to save the environment, said: “I enjoyed the trip because it demonstrated the whole process of recycling cardboard and in turn producing recycled paper. I realised that this might be the paper we wrap our school books with.”

“From now I will make posters, write articles to different magazines and conduct campaigns to spread awareness. I have realised how important recycling and reusing is,” she added.

Aishwarya Prabhu, who loves making Mother Earth happy, said: “I never expected such a trip to be so good. I enjoyed interacting with the tour guide. He explained everything in detail, from the collection of cardboard to the pulping process and the machinery was awesome.”

Ashwati Ajit, who considers environment as her best friend said: “The trip has helped gain more faith in the recycling process. It was informative and fun.”

Mrs Bala and Mrs Sunita, the teachers who accompanied us, said: “The visit to the paper recycling factory was a very informative and educational experience. This was an eye-opener for our students and they have now pledged to spread awareness among friends and the community on the importance of recycling. In addition to other recycling campaigns already done in our school, we plan to include carton recycling as well.”

We plant trees but this is an opportunity to see how millions of trees are saved just by recycling paper.

This reader is the enviroment club prefect at The Millennium School based in Dubai.

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