The water at the pond park in Al Nahda 2 in Al Qusais is never changed. Also, there are no pedestrian crossings in this area. Image Credit: By Sukaina Lilani Gulf News Reader

I wanted to draw attention to the state of the pond park located at Al Nahda 2 in Al Qusais, just opposite to Zulekha Hospital.

The water is never changed and initially the pond park was a beautiful sight to look at but now it has become a sore one!

I also request that the authorities think about pedestrian crossing in this area which are non existent.

Pedestrian crossings are necessary in this area since it becomes difficult for children to cross the roads with the oncoming traffic.

On another note, in this same area there is no shade at the bus stops, let alone an air-conditioned one for bus goers. In this heat, it is unbearable to stand and wait for the bus.


The reader is a homemaker in Dubai