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Mickey knew that if he kept walking and screaming, help would come his way. He is a true survivor and took destiny into his own tiny paws.

I found him in the Al Garhoud area, Dubai, at the young age of just five weeks. He was all skin and bones, completely blind and entirely on his own. He weighed only 250g and had about a breath’s worth of life left in him.

His eyes were infected and when I took him to the vet, I was told it would be ideal if the eyes were removed. But, being this small, the odds weren’t in his favour and the chances of survival were very less. One of the vets said we could try different drops and eye creams, to stop the eyes from swelling more than they already had, with the hope of postponing the surgery until he weighed at least a kilogram in weight.

He was on these drops for a couple of months and it worked so well! Mickey surprised everyone as he grew stronger and stronger and his eyes got better. He is now 3.5 months old, weighs 1.5kg and is fully vaccinated and microchipped. The best part — he gets to keep his eyes.

Once he is old enough to be neutered, the vet has suggested that it would be best to clean up and close one of the eyes, because it was very badly affected by the infection. They will review in a few months from now.

Being blind is not a curse for Mickey as he knows no better. His disability does not slow him down at all! He plays, runs around, jumps on and off furniture and simply enjoys being a normal kitten. He is able to find the litter box and his food on his own.

Currently, he is staying with me. But, all he dreams of now is finding his forever family.

Mickey is very playful, friendly and active. He would love to have another cat or kitten to play with, but would be fine as an only kitten, too. He really is adorable and after all he’s been through, he truly deserves a happy ending.

If you would like more information about Mickey, please contact Kay at 38 Smiles in a private message to their Facebook Page

— The reader is a member of animal welfare group 38 Smiles in Dubai.