Account closure

This is with regard to my Al Shamil internet account, which I had cancelled recently. I had visited the etisalat Business Centre and paid the full and final settlement of Dh535 to cancel the account permanently. The customer service representative at etisalat informed me the account was closed.

After a month, I was asked to pay Dh189. I don’t understand why. On calling etisalat customer service, they said that etisalat has not informed customers about the charges for cancellation, so it’s etisalat’s fault. Why should customers suffer? I hope Gulf News can help in solving this issue.

From Ms Jannette DMello


The management of etisalat responds:

The case is resolved and closed.

The complaint in brief: The customer has been debited Dh189 as she didn’t apply for a one-month notice before ceasing Al Shamil account.

The final outcome:

1. In order to satisfy the customer and because the charge is not reflected on the same day of the cessation, Dh189 has been refunded.

2. The customer has been contacted and updated.

(Process initiation: January 27. Response from organisation: March 22.)

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