Manouj Aswaani In bad taste Walls with betel stains in different parts of Dubai are an eye-sore and call for an urgent change in attitude of those who chew tobacco or betel leaf and then spit indiscriminately. Image Credit: Manouj Aswaani


As I walked around different areas in Dubai, I decided to take some pictures for the readers and residents of the emirate to evaluate.

Many people have the bad habit of chewing tobacco or betel leaves, and then spitting it wherever they find convenient (as seen in photograph). People often spit in the streets, on pillars, walls and even behind the bus stops. The authorities have made betel leaves illegal in the UAE for this very reason.

This reflects on our bad attitude towards the cleanliness of the emirate and the law. It also seems like we have the bad habit of criticising the authorities for our mistakes. We take them and things for granted, until we get punished or receive a fine for our mistakes.

Whatever we do now, our future generations will learn to do the same. Here is the big question, are we prepared to keep the place we live in and the world we belong to dirty?

I hope the answer would be ‘no’!

We need to change our attitude and maintain a clean environment. I hope people understand that their actions are the cause of a dirty environment and not the lack of efforts by the authorities. I ask them, when will you change?


The reader is based in Dubai.


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