Image Credit: @KDSindhi/Twitter

Dubai: This all-female university student team from Pakistan has built a racing car from scratch.

The group from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, aims to participate in the International Formula Student competition that will be held in Silverstone, England.

And they’ve created the vehicle without a mechanical engineer on their team, which comprises electrical engineers, an industrial design student and a business management student.

The students are passionate about raising awareness among women looking to enter the field of motor sports and also expressed that the industry lacks female participation, according to Financial Express, an Indian English-language business newspaper.

With reports of discrimination against females frequently surfacing around Pakistan, conversations about gender equality and women empowerment have been a hot topic. Social media users think that the girls’ achievement is refreshing news.

Netizens took to online platforms to express their support.

Student Syed Zeeshan Rizvi @ZeeRizvee expressed his “pride” on Twitter: “So this team from my university has broken all stereotypes by successfully designing and manufacturing a Formula car, when the whole team consists of girls only. Things like these make me proud of NUST! They’ll be competing in a competition and making Pakistan proud!”

Some thought that the girls are an inspiration for all Pakistani women. @TabedaarPak tweeted: “This team of female NUST students have created a formula race car to take part in the International Formula Student Competition this year, becoming role models for young girls across Pakistan and a source of pride for the nation.”

Tweep @cantcreative posted: “There is an all-girls student formula team from NUST and that makes me so happy. Someday, I’ll get to work on a formula car as well.”

Twitter user Waqas Siddiqui @WaqasSiddiqui6 wrote: “Girls can drive, Girls can design a car!”

Formula Student is a competition held in the UK to celebrate engineering capabilities of students from across the world. International teams build small-scale Formula style racing cars and compete against each other. This year’s competition is scheduled to take place from July 13 to 15.