Happy World Teachers' Day! To celebrate these amazing people and everything they do for us, we put together a list of our favourite television and movie teachers. Some were wacky, some were encouraging, while others were just plain cool. Here are our 7 favourite fictional teachers.

1. Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series

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This awesome teacher was one of Harry Potter’s closest confidants. He was one of the bravest men in the wizarding world and also the headmaster of Hogwarts. The only man that Lord Voldemort feared.

2. Dewey Finn from School of Rock


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One of the coolest teachers ever and accidental substitute Dewey Finn changes the curriculum around a bit and teaches his students about rock and roll.

3.  Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus


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If you were in Ms. Frizzle’s classroom, then you basically went on field trips 90 per cent of the time. She was all about practical lessons.

4. Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid


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When his new tenant Daniel is attacked by bullies, Mr. Miyagi swoops in to save the day and decides to take him on as a karate student. The coolest part was when he taught him how to catch flies with chopsticks.

5. Sharon Norboury from Mean Girls


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Ms. Norboury really succeeded in showing people that teachers are human too. She also actively tries to highlight to Cady that she does not need to belong to a group of cool kids, to be successful. She also ran the Mathletes after school club.

6. Edna Krabapple from the Simpson

Edna Krabappel is another familiar classroom face who seemed to be too smart for her own good. She always used dry sarcasm to get through her days and we loved her for it. Edna was “retired” after Marcia Wallace who voiced the character died in 2013.

7.  Miss Johnson from Dangerous Minds


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The movie synonymous with the song ‘Gangstas Paradise’ is a classic teacher movie. Miss Johnson is a cool, leather jacket donning ex-marine, who becomes a teacher to a predominantly black inner city school. She helps these students appreciate the importance of their education. Mad respect.