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Timeless Homes circa 2017

Sell: Sneha Divias, the Dubai based architect and interior designer lays down the rules for contemporary residential design in the Middle East.

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Every year design gurus illustrate home decor trends for the season. It is a practice in creativity, driven by business of design. Sneha Divias stands apart from the crowd in that her works are consistently grounded in the context of the most prominent design philosophies of the time. Here the designer, who recently won the International Property Award in the category ‘Best Residential Apartment Middle East’, shares her secrets to the timeless home.


Seamlessly connecting the interior with the landscaping, even a juxtaposition, is a must in contemporary interior architecture. This allows light to flow in, adding brightness and freshness to the spaces. When looking to renovate a villa, explore options that allow for as many walls to be replaced with glass. Large windows completely transform a space, adding more emphasis on the views outside. This not only makes the inner built appear bigger, a nuanced selection of materials — light, natural and textural — that blend the design codes of the outdoors with the interiors makes for great transition into nature without the need to venture out. Nature inspired prints and colours — think tropical leaves, forests, lush greens and sandy beiges — welcome nature into your living room.


Be it an apartment you are renovating or a new property being built, incorporating smart tech and home automation is the way forward. Digital technology allows us to track and control the use of AC, light, water, shades, entertainment and electricity smartly. Home automation isn’t as complicated as one might think. The new frontier for smart living is the gold standard for sustainable luxury and can easily cater for individual needs. From air conditioning levels that communicate with outside climate and adapt with internal occupancy to smartly incorporating charging docks in furniture design, there is a smart living solution to suit all budgets and complications.


With spa and hospitality influences, bathroom design for the home is showered in luxurious attention to detail. Rather than an afterthought compartment, we are dedicating prime areas, great views and cutting edge design to the bathroom of the future. The new sanctuary of relaxation explores open plan concepts inspired by the most luxurious of hotel suites. These bathrooms are more often than not, by a stunning picture window, affording views of nature or magnificent skylines. These bathrooms are not meant to be hidden. They are designed to be celebrated.


Customised units of shelving, wardrobes, headboard walls, TV cabinets and built in seating bring a holistic aspect to the interior architecture and provide a sense of unique character. It is what makes each project so different and grounded. In making furniture that is designed with a specific project in mind, the home owner’s needs are thoughtfully incorporated with the best production quality and a variety of materials that communicate with the overall palette of the space.


We’ve all preened thorough beautiful pictures in magazines and books, wishing our homes looked the same but it doesn’t mean that it should. The context of the property, and your lifestyle begs that each home have its own character. Showroom looks often lack creativity, are trend driven, but most importantly, are devoid of your personality. That’s why it is important to invest in design codes, artwork and accessories that mean something to you. For example, if you are a family that loves to cook and entertain, create a visual flow between the kitchen and dining area. If you are into arts or sports, let coffee table books, memorabilia and rare acquisitions speak of your interests. Invest in yourself through beautiful compositions of family portrait or scenic images from your vacations. So go on that much needed break and come back with home treasures. Your home should evolve with your being. It should tell the story of who you are today. Declutter.