“Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunks” is available for $150 from Assouline Publishing. Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

For more than 30 years Louis Vuitton has been creating its synonymous trophy trunks for some of the world’s most glamorous events.

The luxury Maison has been making travel trunks since the mid-1800s, so Louis Vuitton knows a thing or two about the purely artisanal process of creating these works of art that house the world’s most prestigious trophies. Louis Vuitton has made trophy trunks for the likes of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, the FIFA World Cup, the NBA, the French Open tennis tournament, the Rugby World Cup, and even the eSports’ League of Legends Summoner’s Cup, and many more.

Each Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunk is hand made by up to 25 skilled artisans. Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

Each trunk takes close to one thousand man hours to create, with 25 highly-skilled artisans involved in the painstaking process. Often, the trunks themselves outshine the trophies within.

To salute the craftsmen and the sporting spirit represented in the trunks, Louis Vuitton is now publishing a coffee table book, a tome, with over 125 illustrations over 222 pages covering all of its iconic trophy trunks.

Authored by French sports writer Olivier Margot, who has written more than 20 books, “Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunks” weighs almost four kilograms and is filled with beautifully presented photographs within its hefty dimensions.