Designer Matthew M. Williams describes the new Givenchy TK-360 as his "dream shoe”. Image Credit: Givenchy

Conceived by Creative Director Matthew M. Williams as his "dream shoe”, the new Givenchy TK-360 sneaker is an avant-garde lightweight creation with a groundbreaking shape allowing for its single-piece structure.

The clue is in the name, as Williams chose the nomenclature to represent the sneaker’s ‘total-knit’ construction - the fully knitted sneaker is meant to be as visually striking as it is comfortable and lightweight, featuring a stretchy upper integrated into the sole, which means you’re walking directly on the knit.

Available worldwide from July 1, 2022, the Givenchy TK-360 men’s sneaker comes in classic black or white, as well as shades of yellow, grey, beige and pink, with a recommended retail price of $895.

Image Credit: Supplied

The daring TK-360 sneakers are already setting the sneaker-head world on fire before they even starts shipping, with Williams’ bold new take on the stretch-fit. The designer didn’t miss an opportunity to leave a mark, literally, as the shoe’s footprint features a unique signature: “A singular tread motif ensures an exclusive footprint, while subtle plays on texture and contrasting Givenchy lettering complete this daring style.”

With comfort and durability high on Givenchy’s priority list when creating the TK-360, these sneakers feature heavy-duty knitwear to stand the test of time and they’re likely sure to keep you cool in the summer months, too.