Kamala Ibrahim Ishag has recently held exhibitions in Sharjah Art Foundation (2016) and Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam (2019). Image Credit: Instagram @serpentineuk

London’s Serpentine South Gallery is presenting for the first time the solo show ‘State of Oneness’ by pioneering Sudanese artist Kamala Ibrahim Ishag, opening this October 7 and running until January 29, 2023, with admission free of charge.

The exhibition will include new pieces as well as some of the historic art works from an artist who has “forged a unique and expansive practice that embraces different earthly and spiritual landscapes, as well as histories of Sudanese visual culture.”

‘State of Oneness’ opens on October 7 and runs until January 29, 2023, with admission free of charge. Image Credit: Instagram @serpentineuk

‘State of Oneness’ is organised by Serpentine and the Sharjah Art Foundation in collaboration with The Africa Institute, to showcase a career in contemporary art that has spanned more than sixty years.

As one of the first women to graduate from Khartoum’s College of Fine and Applied Art in 1963, Kamila’s work now resides in international collections including The Jordan National Museum of Fine Art, Sharjah Art Foundation, the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Kamala’s work is insured by her heritage in Khartoum, as well as the mythology in the stories told by her mother and grandmothers. Image Credit: Instagram @serpentineuk