Image Credit: Farrah El-Dibany

Last night in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, the Maraya Concert Hall witnessed the mesmerizing performance of Paris-based Egyptian opera singer Farrah El-Dibany. Presented on behalf of the Opera National de Paris and supported by Villa Hegra, the event marked a cultural phenomenon.

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El-Dibany, in an exclusive statement to The Kurator, expressed her honor, saying, “I’m very honored to have returned to perform with the Paris Opera House here in Saudi Arabia, in this iconic city of AlUla. Being one of the first real operatic concerts in Saudi Arabia and AlUla, created by the Paris Opera House.” El-Dibany was delighted to contribute to the Saudi audience's discovery of a full operatic repertoire, primarily in French. This performance forged a cultural bond between both countries, signifying a monumental moment for the talented singer.

Reflecting on a previous performance in Riyadh at the National Museum, she shared, “I performed Opera, and the audience was mainly Saudi, including royalties. It was a very nice experience to introduce them to Opera and witness their reactions.”