I am a Muslim and want to marry a non-Muslim lady. She wants to embrace Islam as well. What is the Sharia process whereby a person wanting to marry a Muslim can convert to Islam? Which department should I approach?

The questioner may approach the Dubai Sharia Court and ask them to publicise the decision of the woman to convert to Islam. He will then have to present the woman along with two witnesses before the judge. The court will issue a certificate stating that the girl has become a Muslim. The questioner can then apply to the Sharia Court to complete the marriage formalities before the judge in the presence of two witnesses and attach the certificate that she has converted to Islam. The court will then issue the marriage certificate.

Rent issue over subleased villa

In October 2013, I was subleased a villa in Dubai for a year by a tenant who had already rented it from the landlord. I have been the sub-tenant for six months. I gave the main tenant two cheques by way of rent after he showed me the tenancy contract signed by him and the landlord. The contract contained a clause stating that the main tenant had the right to sub-lease the villa. Two weeks ago, however, the landlord approached me asking for the rent since the main tenant had not paid him. The landlord hasa given me a week’s time to pay the rent or vacate the villa failing which he threatened to cut the electricity supply. I tried to contact the main tenant, but he has disappeared. He has also cashed both the cheques I gave him. Does the landlord have the right to ask me for the rent because the main tenant has not paid him? Does the landlord have the right to evict me and my family from the villa if I refuse to pay him?

The questioner is not obliged to pay the rent to the landlord since he has already paid the main tenant. Secondly, the questioner has signed the contract with the main tenant and not the landlord. Thus, he has nothing to do with the landlord as long as the landlord gave the main tenant the right to sub-lease. The landlord has to claim the rent from the main tenant with whom he signed the contract, not the sub-tenant. Under the law, the landlord has no right to threaten eviction or cut electricity to the villa. The sub-tenant can stay in the villa for the duration of his contract. In case there is no amicable settlement, the questioner should file a case with the Dubai Rental Committee.

Job interviews on visit visa

I hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering and have six years of experience in my field. I’m planning to come to Dubai on a visit visa for a job interview. Will it be a problem if I accept a job with a company other than the one that sent me the visit visa? Is there a problem if I attend job interviews while on a visit visa?

Under the law, the questioner is not obliged to work with the company that got him the visit visa. He may attend interviews with another company while on a visit visa provided that he does not work during the period. The questioner is free to choose whether to accept a job offer from the company that got him the visit visa or reject it and opt for another company if he gets a better offer. However, he needs to obtain an employment visa before beginning work.

Ask the Law questions are answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants.

— Compiled by Bassam Za’za’, Legal and Court Correspondent