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The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to see strong uptake of its trade-related and value-added core services which are designed to enhance efficiency, save time, reduce costs and improve ease of doing business in Dubai. Here are some of the most popular services used by Dubai Chamber members and other companies in Dubai:

ATA Carnet: Duty and tax-free import

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that presents duty-free and tax-free temporary importation for goods for up to one year.

ATA Carnets cover everything from commercial samples and professional equipment to good that will be used for trade fairs, shows, exhibitions and events. Computers, photographic and film equipment, industrial machinery, aircraft, vehicles, jewellery, clothing and medical appliances are all example of items that would typically be covered by this customers document. Perishable or consumable items are not covered.

ATA Carnets reduce costs for exporters by eliminating customs duties, simplifying border crossings and removing red tape by allowing importers and exporters to use a single document for all customs formalities. Carnet holders can make advance customs arrangements at predetermined costs and use the document for several trips during its one-year validity.

Service Fee: Dh900 for Dubai Chamber members and Dh1800 for non-members; obtaining an ATA Carnet usually takes one business day and applications for this service can be submitted through Dubai Chamber’s website.

Certificate of Origin: Origin of exports

Certificate of Origin is an official document that determines origin of exported or re-exported goods from the UAE. It is an essential document that enables recognition of goods origin in order to estimate customs tariffs as it contains the basic data on trade shipments and a detailed invoice is attached. Dubai Chamber members are eligible to apply for this service.

Service Fee: Dh100; these certificates can be requested through Dubai Chamber’s website and mobile app and usually take only 6 minutes to process.

Attestation: Document verification and authorisation

Attesting documents in Dubai can often be a lengthy, tedious and expensive process. Dubai Chamber’s attestation services for companies simplifies such procedures by getting the documents, correspondence and contracts easily attested for its members to facilitate acceptance of these documents by the concerned authorities.

Signatures and stamps can be attested, while the Chamber can also provide a true copy of original attested document which should be signed by an authorised signatory.

Service Fee: Dh100; an attestation application should be submitted via the Chamber website or mobile app, along with the required documents. The service is targeted to Dubai Chamber members and usually takes 6 minutes to complete.

Credit Rating: Sound business certification

Credit rating service provides business information reports on local or international companies and is considered an efficient tool in mitigating business risk and help in sound business decision making when trying to from partnership or do a business transaction with forging partner worldwide.

The report contains credit rating of the company of interest in addition to information regarding business activities and financial status. This service is often used by various types of businesses in Dubai which include Dubai Chamber members and non-members.

Service FeeDh610 for reports on companies in Middle East, Dh295 for reports on companies in Europe, Dh575 for reports on companies outside of these regions

After applying for the service, you can expect to receive the report within 5 working days for companies in the Middle East and within 12 days for companies outside of the region.

Mediation: Solve disputes effectively

Mediation is one of the effective methods to resolve commercial disputes amicably provided that at least one of the disputing parties is a member of Dubai Chamber. Mediation is quick, confidential and cost effective. It’s an excellent opportunity for preserving business relations and gives parties maximum control over the outcome of mediation.

It is important to note that disputes should relate to companies and not be under review by the courts or under arbitration during the mediation process.

Service Fee: Dh500 for Dubai Chamber members and Dh1000 for non-members. To start this process, companies should contact Dubai chamber through the available channels, fill in the application form and attach documents supporting their complaint. Dubai Chamber will contact the concerned parties to reach suitable settlement.