Salary transfer letter dispute

A reader in Dubai asks:
I work for a company in Dubai and they directly recruited me from India. At the time of recruitment, I did not know the company's policies and nothing was mentioned. I only got to know recently that the company will not provide a salary transfer letter to obtain a loan even at the lowest interest rate and I am stuck in a financial situation. I decided to resign by pointing out this matter but the company will not issue a NOC. If I resign anyway, can I escape the labour ban because of this reason?
I would like to say that the matter of a salary transfer letter is an internal matter for the company, so the company is not legally obliged to issue such a letter to the bank and also does not have anything to do with the employee's loan. This is because sponsors do not like to be responsible for any debts for their employees. Therefore, the questioner cannot terminate his labour contract or resign from his employer for such a reason and consequently the labour ban cannot be avoided in case of leaving a job for such a reason mentioned by the questioner.

Questions answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Bahr Advocates and Legal Consultants

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