A reader in Dubai asks: My husband had a one year ban starting January 25, 2007. He had an absconding case and before leaving the airport, they scanned his eyes. His residency visa, which was cancelled, says that the sponsor would like a one-year ban on him. He was not detained by police but he went directly to his employer after planning to leave the country and the next day he was ordered to leave the country whereby they had his eyes scanned on January 25, 2007. Now that a year had passed, is he automatically cleared, even after the eye scan? He tried to attest our marriage certificate from the UAE embassy in his country but they refused due to his ban. They even told him that even if one-year was stamped on his passport, he still cannot enter Dubai due to his eye scan. Is this correct? What should be done?

We would like to confirm that if a person got his eye scanned at the time of leaving the UAE, then it means that he may not enter the UAE again. Generally in the case of a one-year work ban it doesn't entail such measurement, so we advise the questioner to make an appeal before the concerned authority in this respect.

Questions answered by Mohammed Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Bahar Advocates and Legal Consultants