The ultra-wealthy in Dubai are taking to social media to share their glamorous life. Image Credit: Screenshot/Instagram

Dubai:  In today’s era of Instagram, Facebook and social media, there’s an endless stream of posts flaunting wealth.

But there’s at least one social media account that’s growing in popularity, and letting the underprivileged  – those who can’t afford a Dh1,000-per-person afternoon tea at the world’s tallest tower - only swoon with envy.

The ‘Rich Kids of Dubai’ on Instagram gives a glimpse into the glamourous lives of youngsters living in the UAE, who are flush with cash and parading their fortunes via Loubutins, Chanels, Ferraris or Lamborghinis, and exotic pets.


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“We feature Dubai’s most fabulous people! Dubai cars, Dubai fashion, Dubai property. The Dubai dream,” reads the brief description of the account.

These privileged elite  love to spend their day hanging out on a yacht or by the pool with a bottle of bubbly, shopping  for the latest Chanel handbag or Loubutin heels, or sipping  Versace tea at a posh restaurant.

They could be driving their Lamborghini to a beach in Dubai, smoking a cigar at their balcony and marvelling the views of Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai.


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They may be spotted taking their pet cheetah for a quick walk or drive around the city. And if they want to beat the morning traffic, there’s no problem. They can always hail a special kind of taxi: a helicopter.

The privileged elite of Dubai have a lovely flat with a Jacuzzi or a bathtub with a million dollar view.

Or enjoy walk-in closets the size of an average room for rent in Dubai.

They can easily be spotted shopping in Dubai Mall while being assisted by a uniformed porter.

The Instagram page is one of the latest accounts that feature the lifestyle of the rich, capitalizing  on the now famous phrase “Rich Kids of X” which has spawned a number of publications and TV shows.

It has so far made under 400 posts, but followers can expect to see more, as the super rich are flocking to the UAE in droves.  In 2016 alone, around 5,000 millionaires  moved to the UAE, up from 3,000 a year earlier.

The UAE has also for the first time broken into the world’s top 20 list of countries with the highest concentration of ultra-rich residents, with the country’s billionaire population rising by more than 30 per cent. A total of 21 individuals with at least $1 billion are now living in the UAE, up from just 16 last year.

Owning a cheetah as pet in Dubai is increasingly becoming a trend among the moneyed residents.

Expect to see a collection of luxury cars in front of their villas.

The well-heeled elite can afford to fly out with their private jet.


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