Scanning a form for a visa applicant at the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department(DNRD) in Dubai. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf news archives

Abu Dhabi: A senior official in the Department of Naturalisation and Residency here has told Gulf News that there “are no new changes in residence visa procedures for expatriates who wish to sponsor their families — wives and children — and bring them to the UAE”.

The official said nothing has changed for applicants across the country, regardless of which of the seven emirates they are filing from.

 “The salary certification to be eligible to sponsor families is Dh3,000 per month with accommodation, or Dh4,000 per month,” he said.

The official’s comments came in light of earlier inaccurate media reports that expatriates seeking to sponsor their families in Dubai would need to have a minimum salary of Dh10,000 to be eligible. “We are not aware if Dubai is putting into effect new procedures for family visas,” he clarified. “Any change in visa procedures should go through the UAE cabinet because it is a federal law and not a local ruling.”


In Dubai, officials at information counters accepted family sponsorships with no problems at all, echoing a Sunday statement by Maj Gen Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director of Dubai’s General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA), that reports of an increase in salary limits to sponsor families in Dubai are inaccurate.
He had said that all applications are proceeding without enforcement of any new rules.

On Monday, officials at information counters at GDFRA confirmed the minimum required monthly salary is Dh4,000. However, those earning Dh3,000 with sponsor-paid accommodation can also apply for a residence visa for their spouse or children, typing centres attached to the GDFRA complex in Al Jafliya added.

Posing as family visa applicants, Gulf News reporters asked information officials if a resident who earns less than Dh10,000 could still apply. “You need Dh4,000 [per month],” replied an official.

In Sharjah, there was no change in family visa sponsorship and reports about an increase in the salary requirement to sponsor family members are untrue, Gulf News has learnt.

The official website of GDRFA did not show any change in the rule.


The list of documents required for a family residence visa includes the spouse’s recent passport photograph, passport copies of both husband and wife and children, and a copy of the applicant’s valid residence visa.

Application forms are available at accredited typing centres at the headquarters of the GDRFA in Al Jafliya area, or at any of the more than 20 external centres.

A salary certificate for government employees or a contract of employment for private staff is also a must.

The applicant will have to produce an attested marriage contract, a tenancy contract, a recent electricity and water bill, a copy of the Emirates ID card, medical insurance, as well as an attested birth certificate in case of children.

Reported by Abdulla Al Rasheed, Abu Dhabi Editor, Faisal Masudi, Aghaddir Ali, Staff Reporters and Nawal Al Ramahi, Special to Gulf News

—Nawal Al Ramahi is a trainee at Gulf News