Abu Dhabi: While some insurance companies are not keen on offering a health insurance policy for visa applicants others have released an insurance policy based on the immediate visa issuance scheme.

Each insurance company will have its own health insurance scheme for visa applicants.

A spokesperson from the Arab Orient Insurance Company said they had been shocked by the sudden decision to offer health insurance to visa applicants, and were working on a fair pricing scheme.

"We need time to calculate the fee, it takes time. We will announce our fees within a week."

However, the AXA Insurance Company is not keen on the idea of providing a health insurance scheme for visa applicants.

"We are only interested in business with residents in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, not short-term tourists or visitors. Health insurance is mandatory for visa applicants, not for insurance companies and each company has the freedom to make a choice regarding offering health insurance to visa applicants," a spokesman said.

Pricing scheme

The chief operating officer from the National Health Insurance Company (Daman) told Gulf News that it will be offering a new pricing scheme for health insurance to visa applicants by Sunday.

"Health insurance benefits at Daman are for emergency medical conditions only and eligibility is defined as per the ministerial decree. Health insurance for a 30-day visa will cost Dh40, for 60 days Dh70 and for 90 days Dh90. We want to offer health insurance at a fair price for the benefit of the customer," said Axel Tettenborn, Chief Operating Officer from Daman.

According to Dr Hazim Nimer, senior manager, head of health insurance at the Oman Insurance Company, a health insurance policy for visa applicants was launched at 10am yesterday

"We have already offered more than 50 quotations today, the queues at our branches have been unreal," said Dr Nimer.

Oman Insurance will charge visa applicants according to age.

"We came to know about the visa issue decision through Gulf News. We rushed to provide a health insurance scheme for visa applicants," said Nimer.

I think it is not right at the moment to implement the new visa rules, because it is not only a hassle for those who want to apply for visit visas, but may also be detrimental to the city. Tourism is the main source of income for Dubai.

I applied for a visa for my friend but faced rejection due to the introduction of the new application forms. It cost us Dh620 to apply, but we were rejected again as we were told passengers had to have health insurance. On calling up insurance companies and everyone I knew, I discovered even they were not aware of the new laws regarding insurance."

I applied for a short-term visit visa online and it was issued to me the next day. It was not issued in 15 minutes as promised, but I am still pleased that the procedure went through without any additional documentation and deposits."

I applied for a visit visa for my wife under the new system and my documents were rejected with the comment 'incomplete'. This was even after typing centre staff said it was complete."
Abu Dhabi

I think it is not the right time to implement new rules on visas. The authorities should have made the rules clear for everybody before implementing the system. Now, the result is pure confusion. "


The Ministry of Interior has developed appropriate tests to activate programs in line with new amendments to the UAE's visit visa system.

This was announced yesterday by Lieutenant General Mattar Salim Bin Misaeed Al Niadi, Director of the IT section at the Ministry of Interior, in relation to ministerial decree no 322 for 2008.

Visa seekers are now able to fill in new online forms, through the Ministry of Interior's website, where the sponsor can fill in the form and pay the fees electronically. This will save both time, effort and money, as well as process the forms in a secure environment.